ameno = smile + comfort

ameno is an Italian word that means "pleasant and fun."

Our mission is to help people living in this chaotic age to spend their days comfortably and with a smile through our products.

Our Commitment

Mass production and mass disposal in the apparel industry have resulted in global climate change and human exploitation. Ameno's mission is to face this problem with sincerity and make this world a better place.

0% Waste

All products are completely made-to-order, so there is no waste disposal of clothes. In addition, since it is made with a manufacturing method that is stronger than regular cashmere knit, you can wear it for a long time.

organic cashmere

We promise that there is no inhumane exploitation in the breeding environment of goats raised in the vast land of Inner Mongolia and the working environment of the people who raise them.

Sustainable philosophy

・International Organization for Standardization RINA . ISO 14001 / Environmental Management System (Switzerland)
・TF / Traceability & Fashion (Italy)
・ Textile & Health Association (Italy)

More about ameno

About us

From our workshop in Milan, Italy, we have delivered knitwear for many luxury brands. However, it is also true that it is a pity that only a small number of people can deliver knitwear with our best comfort and design. Therefore, we launched ameno cashmere to deliver knitwear directly to as many people as possible by carrying out all product planning, production, and shipping at our workshop in Milan.

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Our Cashmere

Ameno only uses certified yarns that meet a set of international environmental management standards. Located in a special pristine area of ​​Inner Mongolia, the farm has vast tracts of land around it and the shepherds work to ensure that the hirkus laniger goats can grow freely.

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