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ameno new colors

Six new colors have been added to ameno. Inspired by things that exist in the natural world, we expressed the charm and fun of 18 colors.

Lavanda blue

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Subasio and Assisi, which rise behind the lavender fields, and give yourself the best opportunity to surrender yourself to nature. You can also feel the gentle scent of flowers in the beautiful church garden.

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Anice blue

Anise is one of the oldest spices and is widely used in many dishes. It spread from the ancient Middle East to the Mediterranean coast and from there to Europe, making it an ingredient in many recipes in almost every country during the Middle Ages.

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Argilla Red

In Italy, some regions have place names Figline. This shows where the clay is processed. These include the present-day Filine Valdarno and Forlì, which was called Filine in several centuries of the Middle Ages.

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Rugiada Green

When water vapor in the air comes into contact with a cooled surface and condenses into water droplets, it appears on soil and plants. During hot weather, condensation forms on surfaces that are less susceptible to ground heating, such as grass, leaves, and roofs.

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Foresta Green

In the Veneto region of Italy, Tarvisiano's "Forest of the Heart" is certainly one of Italy's most beautiful forests. Its precious and rare spruce wood is what the world's most skilled luthiers use to craft the best violins on the planet.

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Serena Gray

Sereno is an adjective that describes a sunny, calm, clear atmosphere, and is an Italian word that describes not only the scenery but also the character of a person. I would like you to coordinate calm and elegant colors elegantly.

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Ameno Color LIFE

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Production and shipping are all done in our Milan workshop.


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About us

We have produced and delivered knitwear for many luxury brands from our workshop in Milan, the fashion city in northern Italy. We would like more customers to know the charm of ameno cashmere, a knit with the best comfort and sophisticated design born from traditional techniques and experiences cultivated over many years. We do everything from product planning, production, processing, and shipping in our workshop, and deliver the best quality and only 1 that is useful for your lifestyle.

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Our Story

Ameno is an Italian word that means "pleasant and pleasant". Our mission is to help people living in this chaotic age to spend their days comfortably and with a smile through our products.

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