100% Organic Cashmere

ameno only uses certified yarns that meet a series of international environmental management standards.

In a special pristine area of ​​Inner Mongolia, the farm has vast tracts of land around it, and the shepherds work to keep the hircus raniger goats free to grow.

ameno colors

The most important color for coordination. ameno cashmere is inspired by the things that exist in the natural world, expressing the charm and fun of 12 colors.

Limone Yellow

The world's best quality Limoncello made with the famous Sorrento Peninsula lemons (Limone).

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Erba Green

It's not well known, but Italy was able to build golf courses earlier than Japan!

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Pachino Red

Pachino, town of Syracuse, Sicily

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Marina Blue

Many coastal cities in Italy have quaint marinas.

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Tramonto Orange

Orange sunset seen from the Gargano peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic Sea, Southern Italy (Tramonto)

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Alba Rose

Roseto Fineschi Botanical Garden, the largest rose garden in Europe, is located in Cavrillia town in Arezzo, Tuscany.

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Venice Gray

The water city of 118 islands, Venice is a fascinating city with many artistic treasures, including churches, palaces, museums and bridges.

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Sabbia Beige

The deep blue sea and the long, wide sandy beach stand out against the light blue summer sky.

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Marmo White

Statue of David made of the famous Carrara white marble (marmo).

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Argento Navy

The navy is one of the four armies of the Italian Republic.

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Acqua Blue

The incredibly clear aqua-coloured Conilli beach on the island of Lampedusa.

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Amaro Black

How about a bitter Italian liqueur after a meal?

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Lavanda blue

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Subasio and Assisi, which rise behind the lavender fields, and give yourself the best opportunity to surrender yourself to nature.

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Anice Blue

Anise is one of the oldest spices and is widely used in many dishes.

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Argilla Red

In Italy, some regions have place names Figline.

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Rugiada Green

When water vapor in the air comes into contact with a cooled surface and condenses into water droplets, it appears on soil and plants.

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Foresta Green

In the Veneto region of Italy, Tarvisiano's "Forest of the Heart" is certainly one of Italy's most beautiful forests.

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Serena Gray

Sereno is an adjective that describes a sunny, calm, clear atmosphere, and is an Italian word that describes not only the scenery but also the character of a person.

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