Ameno Cashmere was featured in the October issue of GINGER.

Ms. Airi Matsui mentioned ameno's high-neck knit in the "only one" list that celebrities are aiming for this autumn.

Here is the oversized high neck knit that was ordered by Airi Matsui.

This oversized knit is a unisex product, so you can wear it regardless of gender.

A total of 18 colors are available on this product page .

A drop box pattern is used for the sleeves to achieve a beautiful silhouette even when oversized.


fabric uses 3 threads instead of 1 thread, so it has a heavy feel and softness, while achieving lightness and warmth.

ameno cashmere is completely made-to-order, so it takes about a month from the time you make a reservation until the product arrives.

Why don't you take this opportunity to make a reservation and prepare for this winter?

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